Tag: Circus


  • Camille la fille d'un deux mondes

    Camille is a half elf she is mistress of both the highwire and of knife juggling and is adapt at doing both at the same time and in fact has done so Camille is the only half breed with position in the circus and is rumored to be a bastard of the nobility

  • Garth les mains de magique

    Garth les mains de magique: Garth is a Powerful full blooded elf who is often moody and darkly sarcastic at times. He is an adapt wizard and use his stage tricks more or less without enthusiasm

  • Galindann

    Laaaaadiiieeeessssss and Geeentlemen weeeee present Galindan From the impenitrable jungles in the south, this mysterious wanderer, rumored to have been raised by the beasts of the wild, and his jaguar will perform, before your very eyes, feats of …

  • Deina arbre de lune:

    The eladrin woman delights in illusions and is in charge of sounds and impossible things things of reve she enjoys the shock and awe of the audience even thought she is never seen on stage

  • Elrind

    Elrind, like many of his Eladrin brothers, studied the arts of Magic in the Fey lands. However, he always sought some claim to greatness that would seperate him from his fellows. When a traveler whispered stories of the lost spellbooks of a mage called …

  • Ukertan

    While there are many men out there in the world with comparable strength, it is the possibility of a fiery death that makes The Bear's act unique. The platform shimmers and burns as the 7 and a half foot tall beastman juggles massive weapons and beatiful …